Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Outdoorish seating at a Restarurant named "Happy" and they serve sushi so I think its a japanese venture.  Regardless, nice for a quick capucino without actually being inside

Just a house in the vicinity of the ski lift.  Bus stop sign in front.

This is a portion of the trail that apparently runs down the mountain, thru the houses to the lower part where many buses are available to go back into Sofia.

Another part of the path down the mountain, this is where is crosses over the parking lot of the restaurant where we had lunch.

Beautiful snow here, none in Sofia about half an hour away by bus.  More of the path.

A couple of snow boarders who we let pass us. :)

A teen having some fun on a trash can lid or something like that...she was with those kids up ahead.

This is the driveway and pkg lot of the restaurant located at the base of the lift.

The inside of one of the rooms....it was very big, busy and beautiful.  Their menu appeared to be in German and Bulgarian....they had it in English too.

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